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     3= Ticket tracker closed = 
     4Spammers aside, the ticket tracker did not see much activity recently. Most of the few "real" tickets that were opened were in fact support requests, for which the tracker is not suited. And the very few tickets dealing with real bugs or provide patches don't receive any attention from developers, which certainly is frustrating for the reporters. 
     6In order to prevent such frustration on the one hand, and to get rid of the "joyful" task of purging spam tickets on the other hand, I closed the ticket tracker today. This means: no new tickets may be opened; existing tickets can not be commented and their status can not be changed anymore. The tracker remains online and tickets can still be browsed, however. 
     8If you're still using MadWifi, we strongly suggest to consider switching to one of the [ various drivers] which are now part of the Linux kernel. In case this is (for some reason) no option for you, your best bet probably is to post your questions to one of the [wiki:Support#Askthemailinglistaudience MadWifi mailing lists]. However, please note that there is not much activity on these lists either, so you pretty much will be on your own - you have been warned.