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     3= joins ffis e.V. = 
     4We are pleased to announce that has joined the german [ Verein zur Förderung Freier Informationen und Software (ffis) e.V.] 
     6Similar to the [wiki:news/20080207/madwifi-org-joins-spi recently joined] SPI, ffis will receive and handle donations for us, but with an emphasis on Germany and other countries belonging to the European Union. Thanks to the ffis, donations may now also be done by euro bank transfer and often are tax-deductible in EU countries. In addition, ffis allows for a better legal representation of our project in the EU. 
     8We are happy to join esteemed projects such as Debian and PostgreSQL who already [ appreciate] ffis' services, and we look forward to a close collaboration. 
     10-- The team