Please note: This project is no longer active. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.
If you´re looking for a Linux driver for your Atheros WLAN device, you should continue here .

SFLC helps ath5k developers contribute back to OpenBSD

SFLC today released what we hope will be the last audit of driver code for use in the Linux kernel for Atheros WLAN devices. Specifically this should once and for all clear up any doubts about licensing practices we have used and details of provenance of code since the project's start all the way down to our current ath5k driver code.

The audit confirms that fixes and improvements to work derived from OpenBSD's ar5k - specifically what is in the wireless-legacy repository now - can safely be contributed back. We are committing to follow SFLC's advise on proper procedures to guarantee that contributing back to OpenBSD remains possible in the future.

In all there are three new documents published by the SFLC:

  1. Code Analysis of the Linux Wireless Team's ath5k Driver (read)
  2. Maintaining Permissive-Licensed Files in a GPL-Licensed Project: Guidelines for Developers (read)
  3. Originality Requirements under U.S. and E.U. Copyright Law (read)

We would like to take the time to thank the SFLC for their hard work and restless dedication. It should be made clear that without the SFLC the ath5k driver would simply have not be possible. Please consider donating to the SFLC.