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  • news/20060614/improved-news-system

    v v1  
     1= Improved news system =  
     2As you might have noticed, we today changed the way news are managed and presented. These changes make it easier for users to stay up-to-date and easier for the project members to add new and maintain old news items. 
     4The new system is based on pacopablo's [ TracBlogPlugin]. Each news item is now a "blog page", allowing us to be more verbose in the news. Long posts automatically get truncated appropriately in the "Latest news" box on the front-page. 
     6All news items are marked with the tag [ news]. Hence the [wiki:NewsArchive news archive] just gathers all pages with such a tag - no need to manually add old news there or things like that. Tagging is implemented using the [ TagsPlugin]. 
     8Now that we have almost all ingredients in place, the next thing to look at is the implementation of the idea described in #619. Stay tuned!