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Reporting Problems with Wireless Extensions Enhancements

Ticket 462 (r1499) added support for version 18 of the linux wireless extensions, which included support for WPA. Prior to r1499, supplicant programs such as wpa_supplicant and xsupplicant needed to use special interfaces to the madwifi driver to configure WPA. Now they can use the standard linux wireless APIs.

If you are testing out the wireless extensions support, thanks! This wiki entry describes how to report problems.

-- You should plan on using a fairly recent version of wpa_supplicant, 0.5.1 or later. If you are going to test using the standard linux wireless extensions, you don't need to recompile wpa_supplicant! If you are going to test using the special madwifi interfaces, you should compile wpa_supplicant with madwifi support enabled.

-- If you are using a WEP AP, you need wpa_supplicant 0.5.3 or later. wpa_supplicant bug #140 fixed a problem with WEP APs that affected madwifi.

-- If you are using NetworkManager, make sure that NetworkManager is compiled to pass the "-D wext" option to wpa_supplicant and not "-D madwifi".

-- If you are able to connect to your AP without any problems, great! Consider adding a note to ticket 462 describing your AP configuration.

What if there are problems?

1. If you are using NetworkManager, try using wpa_supplicant directly. There are no known problems with NetworkManager versus wpa_supplicant, but NetworkManager means another moving part to troubleshoot. If you can reproduce the problem using the lower level wpa_supplicant program, it will be easier for other people to help you debug the problem.

If switching to wpa_supplicant fixes the problem, you should consider sending a note to one of the NetworkManager mailing lists. They might be interested in figuring out why wpa_supplicant works when configured by hand, but NetworkManager cannot accomplish the task automatically.

2. Try to get your configuration working using the "-D madwifi" option to wpa_supplicant instead of the "-D wext" option.

If neither "-D madwifi" or "-D wext" works, you probably haven't provided the correct options in your wpa_supplicant configuration file. It is also possible you've found a real defect in madwifi. You can e-mail one of the madwifi mailing lists. Someone might be able to help you troubleshoot your configuration.

3. If "-D madwifi" works but "-D wext" does not, you almost certainly have found a real defect. You should gather some information about your environment and open up a ticket in the madwifi defect tracker. If you just report in your defect "madwifi doesn't work," no one is going to be able to help you. You should include the following information in your ticket.

- A brief description of the configuration of your access point.

- A brief description of the steps you took to reproduce the problem.

- A copy of any configuration files you used to reproduce the problem, such as a wpa_supplicant configuration file. Be sure to remove any passwords from your configuration file!

- A copy of any log files produced when you reproduced the problem, such as the output of wpa_supplicant.

- A copy of any kernel log messages produced when the problem occurred, usually found in /var/log/kern.log

Including this information in your ticket may take a few minutes, but it will help enormously in troubleshooting your problem.