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If you´re looking for a Linux driver for your Atheros WLAN device, you should continue here .
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drivers + kernel recompile

Disabling Background Scanning in Client Mode

In a dedicated link topology where you never want your client to roam to a different access point, you will want to disable client background scanning. In a bridged backhaul topology it was found that this significantly increased total throughput and possibly stability. Basically, by default madwifi clients will stop passing traffic temporarily to do a background scan of available access points. So this is unnecessary and undesirable in a dedicated link topology.

The results of disabling this functionality were extremely positive in allowing better bi-directional and single direction throughputs.

To disable it:

iwpriv ath0 bgscan 0

Compile time

If the home connection used is opened when the computer is turned on and closed when the computer is shuted down, it should be better to keep always the driver in the kernel by compilling the drivers directly in it: see /madwifi-0.9.4/patches/README. Install ( the drivers and recompile the kernel with just the Default transmission rate: Sample (kernel: Device Drivers - Network device support - Wireless LAN - Atheros PCI/Cardbus cards). And leave the others options unchecked.