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+essential bits wrt svn+proxy


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    2424However, please note that madwifi-old-openhal is still in an experimental state. Use it at your own risk and only if it's no problem for you to get your hands dirty. 
    26 If you're behind a proxy, then make sure [wiki:Subversion] [ knows about it]. 
     26If you're behind a proxy, then make sure [wiki:Subversion] [ knows about it].[[BR]] 
     27Refer to link above for the full story, though it boils down to set 2 vars in either the system-wide {{{/etc/subversion/servers}}} or user's {{{~/.subversion/servers}}} config files: 
     29http-proxy-host = proxy-host-name-or-ip 
     30http-proxy-port = proxy-port 
     32also of interest is the var: 
     34http-proxy-exceptions = comma-separated-list-of-hostnames-or-ip 
     36whose purpose should be pretty clear ;)[[BR]] 
     37Beware though that '''svn''' makes use of HTTP methods not supported by all http-proxies out there. If yours happens to be one of those, you need to setup some kind of tunneling or TCP-redirector, depending on how much control/access you have on your net. Or, if the repository supports it (that seems not the case for, use HTTPS which usually is proxied transparently.  
    2839The above commands stores the source in a subdirectory called ''madwifi''. To update to the current version of the source at a later time you just need to change to that subdirectory and type: