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     1= Getting MADWifi = 
     3Until such time as there is a release, the best way of getting MADWifi is to get it out of the MADWifi Subversion Repository. 
     5== Downloading from == 
     9== Downloading Tarballs == 
     11If you can't handle SVN, or just don't have a 'net connection, you could download madwifi using HTTP (on another machine, if needs be). The best place to find both current snapshots, and code dating back September to 2004, try [].  
     13== Downloading .debs == 
     15If you are a [[|debian]] user, then good for you! You can download debs from: 
     16 * [[|]] 
     17 * Or from [[|Martin List-Petersen]] who has full instructions on using ''make-kpkg''. 
     20== Downloading .rpms == 
     22 * [[|Various rpms]] 
     23 * Patrick Pichon maintains a [[|FC3/FC4 rpm and yum repository]] 
     24 * [[|Fedora rpms]]