Please note: This project is no longer active. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.
If you´re looking for a Linux driver for your Atheros WLAN device, you should continue here .

To hand erase a prior madwifi installation, rename or remove the following files if they exist:

  • From /usr/bin: 80211debug, 80211stats, athdebug, and athstats.
  • From /lib/modules/2.6[VERSION]mdk/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/. remove: ath_pci.ko.gz, ath_hal.ko.gz, and ath_rate_sample.ko.gz.
  • Erase or rename /sbin/ifrename (caution- this may cause you trouble should you change the networking on the PC in the future- you can skip the rename/remove, but you must fix {& maybe re-fix} the iftab as next described). If you have a file called /etc/iftab, and it contains any lines starting with ath or wifi, erase or comment out the line(s). See man iftab and man ifrename for more. Once /etc/iftab has been fixed, the ath_pci module will construct wifi0 (vs ath0), as intended and documented.
  • Assure that /etc/sysconfig/network-scriptsifcfg-wifi0 has no IP address, netmask, and it's protocol is set to "NONE"
  • Erase or comment out any lines in /etc/modprobe.conf like: alias ath0 ath_pci
  • If they exist, remove or rename the following modules from /lib/modules/$kernel_ver/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/: ath_pci.ko.gz, ath_hal.ko.gz, ath_rate_sample.ko.gz
  • Rename or remove the following files from their default locations in /usr/bin, if they exist: 80211debug, 80211stats, athdebug, and athstats.
  • rmmod the ath_pci, ath_hal, and ath_rate_sample modules if they are loaded.

Rerun depmod -a after you remove the old modules.