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     1= Installing MadWifi 'By Hand' = 
     3== Prerequisites == 
     5First, you should make sure you have everything you need in your kernel. Chances are that, if you are running the stock debian kernel, everything will be OK. A description of the necessary kernel options can be found on our [wiki:UserDocs/KernelConfig kernel configuration] page. You'll need to be running at least Sarge in order to have working WEP and iwpriv. 
     7# apt-get install subversion wireless-tools 
     11Now, make sure you have the sources for your current kernel installed: 
     13# apt-get install kernel-source-{your-kernel-version} 
     15Or for Debian testing/unstable:- 
     17# apt-get install linux-source-{your-kernel-version} 
     20NOTE: Problems can occur when running '''Debian 3.1 (Sarge)''' using kernel ''2.6.8-2-386''. Installing the kernel sources and compiling MadWifi against them may result into errors like ''"ath_pci disagrees about version of symbol struct_module"'' or -- more generally -- modprobe reports an ''"Invalid module format"'' when trying to load the module. In that case, you should install the appropriate kernel headers instead of the kernel source: 
     22# apt-get install kernel-headers-2.6.8-2-386 
     26If your wireless card is a PC Card (Cardbus), then you’ll need to make sure you have card services installed: 
     28# apt-get install pcmcia-cs 
     30For linux kernels >=2.6.13-rc1: 
     32# apt-get install pcmciautils 
     34Note: Madwifi cards are never, ever PCMCIA, they are always cardbus. Therefore there is no need to edit any of the files under /etc/pcmcia 
     36== Instructions == 
     38Please refer to the [wiki:UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo First Timers HowTo] for a complete guide about building MadWifi from source, and initial configuration of the device.