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    1111Transmitter diversity works differently in that the driver needs to tell the radio which antenna to use. In madwifi-old the driver logic was to start transmitting to a station on the default antenna (lowest numbered) and then keep track of the receiving antenna for packets received from that station. If three consecutive packet receptions from a station occur on "the other" antenna then the driver changes the transmit antenna to match the receive antenna. The operation of madwifi-ng is probably the same, but this has not been confirmed. 
     13Apparently the switch that selects which antenna transmits tends to have about a 10dB-15dB attenuation on the non-transmitting antenna. So there is some power that goes to that non-transmitting antenna. Also, if you see fluctuations in output power levels of about that amount on one antenna, then it may be diversity kicking in... 
    1315== Controlling diversity ==