Please note: This project is no longer active. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.
If you´re looking for a Linux driver for your Atheros WLAN device, you should continue here .

Team Members

Official Members

The following is the official list of "full" team members (with write access to the repository, developer accounts here in Trac and voting rights in decisions regarding the project):

UsernameReal name Role/TasksContactMisc
mrenzmann Michael Renzmann Administration e-mail, homepageknown as otaku42 in #madwifi
proski Pavel Roskin Coding
dyqith Daniel Wu Coding e-mail
bell_kin Bell Kin Coding
mcgrof Luis R. Rodriguez Coding e-mail irc://
mickflemm Nick Kossifidis Coding (OpenHAL) e-mail AWMN ICS@Forth
derek Derek Smithies Coding e-mail
nbd Felix Fietkau Coding e-mailnbd in #madwifi
benoit Benoit Pappilaut Coding
jirislaby Jiri Slaby Coding
kaloz Imre Kaloz Coding
matti Krzysztof WilczynskiTesting
scottr Scott Raynel Coding
sglass Stevie Glass Docs, Testing
georg Georg Lukas Coding Ge0rG in #madwifi
kelmo Kel Moddermann kelmo in #madwifi

Suspended Membership

UsernameReal name Role/TasksContactMisc
br1 Bruno Randolf Coding


There are others listed below who support the project in various ways on a more of less regular base. If you're not listed but you feel you should be, feel free to add your name here.

John Byrne

wombat is a special case. He says about himself:

<wombat> Wombat is a bug in the wiki at ;-)

Seriously, wombat is an IRC bot, acting as channel clown, but also does a great job on remembering helpful factoids.