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The infamous Stuck Beacon Problem

The Stuck Beacon Problem (SBP) is an intermittant but severe problem for some users. It has been around for a while, but has yet to be resolved. Please help collect and report data on this bug be suffixing your experience to this page. Since no one yet knows the basis for the problem, the meaures to report here will be refined over time. Please read on for more hints.

The SBP is generally associated with a reduction in performance. Data transfer rates drop. Data may stop moving all together. You may get a 'Stuck Beacon' message.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the SBP occurs to varying degrees, and only the most severe are reported as 'Stuck Beacon'. One of the measures that can indicate the problem is an acceleration in the card's hardware interrupt rate. To watch the accumulation of interrupts on wifi0, key in the folowing line from a console. Substitute your interface name for wifi0: in the 'old' code, typically that is ath0, and in the 'NG' code, the name of the base device, typically wifi0.

watch -n 1 'cat /proc/interrupts | grep wifi0'