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    239239In the last 3+ years we've used various versions of madwifi (currently 9.3.3) in dozens of 5.8 Ghz multi-node installations. We've never come across the SB problem until our most recent installation which is running on 900Mhz using Ubiquiti SR9's in what turns out to be a very high-noise environment (indicated noise floor around -75). We were able to eliminate it there, by increasing the beacon interval to 300 msec from the default of 100 msecs (iwpriv wlan0 bintval 300). However with the high noise floor, and packet loss approaching 95%, we still don't have an operating system, but that's another story. We will try to address that problem by upgrading to XR9's. 
     241== Upgrade Solution == 
     243After much frustration, my upgrade to OpenBSD, which has an atheros driver that works RELIABLY in AP mode, resolved this problem.  AP mode support for Linux is pathetic.  It's 2009!  After years of painfully controlled madwifi trouble in this area with every upgrade, I bought a Full MAC prism54 card (the ONLY other Linux option for running an 802.11g AP with better than WEP security!!!), and it has a different problem that randomly knocks the card out of commission!!!  And, of course, the prism54 driver is deprecated in favor of the p54 driver which doesn't properly support AP mode because the old 80211 stack for Linux was deprecated in favor of the new UNFINISHED 80211 Linux stack that p54 depends on for that!!!  And since madwifi (which is actually a specific conglomeration of HAL and madwifi-NG) is deprecated in favor of ath5k which does not yet support AP mode because of the afore mentioned Linux 80211 stack clusterfu*k, I decided to use OpenBSD which I knew was sane and reliable.  I mean, really.  What a pile of crap Linux has become in this regard.  2009 and there is NO RELIABLE chipset/driver combo for running an 802.11g AP with WPA (much less WPA2) security!  It's pathetic.  The corporate vultures and windows "programmers" came in and ruined a perfectly good operating system that I had used since 1992.  Sorry for the rant, but OpenBSD is a solution to this BS.