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    2929It appears that stuck beacon can be caused by wireless cards that have some sort of power saving feature, namely Intel Centrino (2200BG) and equivalent cards. To fix this, turn the card out of power saving mode in the control panel, this may or may not fix the problem, but appeared to work for me. Uptime is around 10+ days with latest MadWiFi drivers. More information specific to Intel Centrino laptops can be found here: 
     31''Page contents degenerate to first person comments in paragraph form from here.'' 
    3133Here is a little perl script giving you the differences. Usage: store the code in a file, e.g. "". Call it with  
    9294Hey, I've got this problem appearing when I use win xp with wireless card on my VAP. Network has IPv6 enabled. Furthermore- I've got this AP on MSI motherboard! Well... simply turning off IPv6 on win_xp machine doesnt solve 'beacon' problem. 
     96* I have recently emerged from a lengthy fight with this issue myself; I was experiencing the SBP very frequently using an AR2413 in a HostAP setup under Linux 2.6.26 with MadWifi 0.9.4 (Debian Lenny stable, March 2009).  It seems that ath5k has yet to support AP (I'll keep my eye on that one) and HostAP obviously won't work with ndiswrapper nicely.  I wound up just rolling back to my 2.6.18 kernel with MadWifi 0.9.3, which doesn't seem to have the stuck beacon problem at all.