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    8888None of the above solutions works in my case. The most important fact that hasn't been mentioned here at all: Stuck beacons have hardly any influence on IPv4 traffic, but as far as IPv6 is concerned, they are a terrible nuisance. Each stuck beacon means that all router advertisement (and router solicitation) messages on the interface are blocked either for a very long period of time (usually more than one hour), or permanently. However, no errors are reported by radvd. For the IPv6-only LAN I am running, this is a total disaster. Presumably, tricks with background scans and antennas did not help at all. 
     90I had the same trouble with my D-Link Card (AR5112) and a MSI OEM board. I changed the pci slot and at this time my fcpci card did not work any longer. Now, I exchanged the motherboard against an older, but better one and everything works fine. I think, it is an issue with IRQs, DMA and the really buggy BIOS on the MSI board.