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stuck beacon" means SBP: the tx dma of the beacon frame failed to complete in a full beacon interval


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    55The Stuck Beacon Problem (SBP) is an intermittant but severe problem for some users.  It has been around for a while, but has yet to be resolved.  Please help collect and report data on this bug by suffixing your experience to this page.  Since no one yet knows the basis for the problem, the meaures to report here will be refined over time.  Please read on for more hints. 
     7Per Sam Leffler:   "stuck beacon" means the tx dma of the beacon frame failed to complete in a full beacon interval.  Diagnosing such a problem requires understanding why dma failed to complete.  This usually involves checking the dma descriptor for clues and/or looking at other h/w-related state.  If you have a "memory smash" then you will see it in the descriptor contents--but I doubt it.  In my experience this problem is usually caused by feeding bogus data to the dma engine that causes it to lockup but the problem in general is very complicated... 
    79To enable debug messages to help sort out the stuck beacon problem: