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    7171I now have no more kernel panics, but network throughput is poor. SBPs still occur, but very infrequently (sometimes none in a day, other times every few minutes - log reveals none in last five days). Certain wireless cards now have difficulty maintaining a connection (especially Intel Centrino-based devices). Clients with identical SMC cards have no problem and network uptime is over 30days. Thus, not an ideal solution, but a working system in the interim. 
     74Turning off BGSCAN with an iwpriv ath0 bgscan removed all stuck beacon messages from my server.  My configuration is setup with only one VAP in master mode running hostapd on a gentoo amd64 box.  I was getting about 200 stuck beacon messages per minute before turning off background scanning while idle.  I have not had a chance to test under load yet.