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Release v0.9.3.3

Release candidate(s):none


Release notes

This release mainly fixes compilation issues with kernel 2.6.23 and hopefully the upcoming 2.6.24. In addition the fix for a security issue (CVE-2007-5448, xrates element remote DoS) has been backported from trunk.

More detailed information in the revision log

Fixed bugs

The following tickets have been addressed in this release:

Known issues

Same as v0.9.3 and previous v0.9.3.x releases:

  • Various mode changing and scanning related annoyances (#572, #228, #275, #254, #352, #378)
  • Suspend state not working properly (#201)
  • Countrycode regression in recent HAL versions (#120)
  • Stability problems when more than one VAP is in active use (#182, many other tickets)
  • MAC address changing currently unsupported (#323) / not working correctly (#716)
  • Documentation about private ioctl's and other features not 100% complete (#324, #486, #527, #399)
  • No support for AR5008 chipsets available yet (#1001) - note: AR5008 support is available in trunk


Hi all.

MadWifi v0.9.3.3 is available for download now.

This release fixes a security issue (CVE-2007-5448) and compilation for the recently released kernel 2.6.23.

The security issue allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (panic) via a beacon frame with a large length value in the extended supported rates element, which triggers an assertion error.

We advise users to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid being vulnerable to this issue.

Please note that this release does not add new major features, it's basically a security and maintenance release.

We hope you enjoy the new version. As always, your feedback is highly welcome.

-- The MadWifi team