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    4141== Announcement == 
    43 ''to be written'' 
     45Hi all. 
     47MadWifi v0.9.3.2 is available for [ download] now. 
     49Main purpose of this release is to fix compilation issues with kernel 
     502.6.22. In addition some of the work that has gone to trunk since v0.9.3.1 
     51have been backported, for example: 
     53 * fix for two NULL pointer references 
     54 * a nasty-to-catch memory leak has been fixed 
     55 * some improvements related to the wireless extensions 
     56 * link stability improved for certain conditions 
     57 * some annoyances have been addressed 
     59More details are listed [wiki:Releases/ on this page], which also has a link to the exact changelog. 
     61Please note that this release does not add new major features, it's 
     62basically a maintenance release. It also has no AR5008 support - however, 
     63that support is available in trunk. 
     65We hope you enjoy the new version. As always, your feedback is highly 
     68-- The MadWifi team