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Release v0.9.1

Milestone:version 0.9.1
Release candidate(s):r1650 - test results
r1648 - test results
r1647 - test results
r1645 - test results


Release notes

  • New HAL version ( with support for new architectures.
  • Improved build system. MadWifi now build without problems against linux 2.6.17 and newer, plus misc fixes to the kernel patch system.
  • AP VAPs now handle clients correctly which switch into powersave mode
  • some other minor fixes

More detailed information in the revision log

Fixed bugs

Binary hal support fort the ar531x based SOCs using ath_ahb bus
Compilation failure when AR_DEBUG or IEEE80211_DEBUG are undefined
Kick client
Kernel panic when setting data rate on new 11a interface
Power Save Mode handling and Packet Queuing
if no kernel AES crypto support, wlan_ccmp loads but fails to attach w/o listing reason
Kernel panic - not syncing: ifmedia_set
Changeset 1627 - CONFIG_CRYPTO errors in Makefile
Make kernel aes support optional until it is actually needed by software crypto
parse error in net80211/ieee80211_crypto_ccmp.c
Please permit build of trees from "svn export"

Known issues

  • Various mode changing and scanning related annoyances (#572, #228, #275, #254, #352, #378)
  • Suspend state not working properly (#201)
  • Mac changing currently not supported (#323)
  • Countrycode regression in recent HAL versions (#120)
  • Stability problems when more than one VAP is in active use (#182, many other tickets)
  • MAC address changing currently unsupported (#323) / not working correctly (#716)
  • Documentation about private ioctl's and other features not 100% complete (#324, #486, #527, #399)


Hi all.

Release 0.9.1 is now available for download [1] at

The build system has received a lot of attention, and various bugs related to building the driver have been fixed. MadWifi now compiles cleanly on the recently released kernel series 2.6.17. The hard dependancy on the in-kernel AES cryptographic module has been removed, most users won't need it anyway due to the AES acceleration in recent Atheros chipsets.

The HAL has been updated to the latest upstream version, v0.9.17.2. It fixes some bugs and introduces new features (see [2]). 32bit Sparc and various Atheros System-on-Chip (SoC) are now on the list of supported architectures.

AP VAPs have been fixed to handle associated clients correctly which enter the power-save mode. Associated clients can be disassociated ("kicked") by their MAC address using the new private ioctl "kickmac".

Average RSSI calculation in ahdemo mode has been fixed.

A detailed list of changes in this release can be found at [3].

We hope you enjoy the new version. As always, feedback is highly appreciated.

The MadWifi team