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Donation from Anne van Kesteren

We've received a generous donation of 127 USD from Anne van Kesteren (Netherlands). Thanks a lot for your support, Anne! ... (more)

Subversion repository moved

Effective today the new location of our Subversion repository is - see here for some background information. ... (more)

Updated on 12/10/09 17:01:33

madwifi-free merged to trunk

Pavel today merged the code from the madwifi-free branch back to trunk, so that trunk now finally contains a version of MadWifi that does no longer depend on any version of the binary-only HAL. More details can be found in Pavel's post about the merge.

Short downtime on 2009-03-24, 5 to 6am UTC+1

Our server (which hosts all project-related websites and mailing lists) will be offline for approximately 10 minutes on March 24, 2009 sometimes between 5 and 6am, UTC+1 (see here what that is in your local time). A central switch is going to be replaced, which affects the connectivity of the rack our server is in.

Server maintenance: Friday, Feb 27 2009

We've scheduled some maintenance work on our server tomorrow for tomorrow, Febuary 27 2009; see here for details / background information. ... (more)

Packages for openSuSE 11.1 available

As a quick note, the package repository has been updated with MadWifi packages for openSuSE 11.1.

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