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MadWifi News Archive

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Release available

v0.9.3.3 is available for download from ... (more)

Repository restructured

The Subversion respository has been restructured to better reflect the coexistence of MadWifi and ath5k in it. At the same time the repository has been cleaned up a bit. ... (more)

SFLC helps ath5k developers contribute back to OpenBSD

SFLC today released what we hope will be the last audit of driver code for use in the Linux kernel for Atheros WLAN devices. Specifically this should once and for all clear up any doubts about licensing practices we have used and details of provenance of code since the project's start all the way down to our current ath5k driver code. ... (more)

Updated on 09/27/07 18:44:54

MadWifi moves away from binary-only HAL in favor of ath5k

We, the MadWifi team, announce our decision to move away from the binary-only HAL and change the focus of our future development towards ath5k, a completely free (as in freedom) driver which will eventually become an integral part of the Linux kernel. We encourage all interested developers to join us and contribute to our efforts. ... (more)

Updated on 04/25/08 13:01:19

Release available

MadWifi v0.9.3.2 is available for download from ... (more)

Server maintenance on July 12 2007

Please note the following server maintenance window:

Thursday, July 12 2007, between 6pm and 12pm UTC+2 ... (more)

SuSE repository updated for MadWifi v0.9.3.1

The SuSE repository has been updated in response to yesterdays' MadWifi security release. We highly recommend an immediate update if you run a MadWifi version older than v0.9.3.1''' ... (more)

Release fixes three security issue

We recently have been made aware of three security-related issues in MadWifi v0.9.3 (refer to #1270, #1334 and #1335 for details). In response to these reports we've released v0.9.3.1 today (which is similar to v0.9.3 plus the relevant fixes). The release tarballs are available for immediate download here. ... (more)

Updated on 05/24/07 09:06:15

Donation from from Germany just sent us two AR5008-based cards (one PCI plus desktop antenna, one MiniPCI plus three pigtails). This will be a big help for us to test AR5008 support in the latest HAL releases. Thanks!

SuSE repository updated

The SuSE package repository has been updated, introducing the following changes:

  1. Packages for SuSE 10.2 have been updated, MadWifi v0.9.3 is now available.

... (more)

Updated on 04/19/07 16:51:31

No known security issues in v0.9.3

For the impatient

There is currently no known security issue that needs to be addressed. Recent reports deal with a hole that has been found in December 2006, and that hole has been fixed already - make sure you have either MadWifi v0.9.2.1 or - better yet - v0.9.3 (which is the latest release at this time). ... (more)

Experimental support for AR5008 (802.11n)

We have added a new branch (branches/madwifi-hal- that introduces experimental support for the 802.11n chipset family AR5008. That's the chipset family used in recent models of the Apple MacBook Pro, for example. ... (more)

Updated on 11/30/07 15:22:19

Release 0.9.3 available

MadWifi v0.9.3 is available for download from The release features a new HAL and a lot of bug fixes. Read more here.

Server move done

The move of to the new server is finished. Refer to this thread for the details. ... (more)

Server move in progress is currently moving to a new server. This requires that the site is run in read-only mode for a while, so that no modifications (such as wiki page edits, new tickets or comments to existing tickets) are possible. ... (more)

Donation from Rusty Mellinger

Rusty Mellinger from Rochester, NY, USA donated a MiniPCI card with AR5211 chipset for testing purposes. Thanks!

Another donation from Compex

Compex donated another four MiniPCI cards to support development. Thanks a lot!

About "400 Bad Request"

It seems that some of you have hit an issue when trying to post a new ticket or a comment on an existing ticket. In some cases the result of such an action was the error "400 Bad Request" along with the explanation "We don't acceot empty ticket descriptions or comments". ... (more)

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