Please note: This project is no longer active. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.
If you´re looking for a Linux driver for your Atheros WLAN device, you should continue here .

Past donations for the MadWifi project

As most open source projects, our project is run by volunteers who spend a lot of their personal time and equipment in order to improve our drivers and provide support to end users. All services of this project - software as well as support - are provided for free. This includes availability of the full source code of all our software and the right to modify and distribute it.
If you enjoy and use our drivers, please consider donating to the MadWifi project.

And the "Thank you" goes to…

We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their generous support of the MadWifi project:

2011-02-10Morris StallingsUS10 USDSPI
2010-09-18Jamie OdomUS1 USDSPI
2010-08-16Carl WittyUS10 USDSPI
2010-08-09John KelleyUS50 USDSPI
2009-06-12Anne van KesterenNL127 USDSPI
2009-03-29Kapil ParanjapeIN10 USDSPI
2009-02-16Eric DoviakUS10 USDSPI
2009-02-13David TaggartUS50 USDSPI
2009-01-31Speedchecker, Ltd.UK50 USDSPI
2009-01-06Stefan DobisN/A50 EURFFIS
2009-01-05Krzysztof WilczynskiUK135 EURFFIS
2008-11-05Linux Day TorinoIT129 USDSPI
2008-11-01Kai HerlemannDE1 EURFFIS
2008-10-25Richard NienaberUK20 USDSPI
2008-10-18Alberto RamalloES40 USDSPI
2008-10-16donor logo: unex Unex Technology Corp.TW2 DNXA-92direct
2008-08-26Robert HartmannUS50 USDSPI
2008-08-22Tom MalcolmsonCA40 USDSPI
2008-08-07Javier JuarezES100 USDSPI
2008-08-01AnonymousDE50 USDSPI
2008-24-07John Emil Karlsonn/a60 EURFFIS
2008-07-21AnonymousRU20 USDSPI
2008-07-10donor logo: unex Unex Technology Corp.TW1 DNBA-81, 1 DRMA-81x, 2 DNMA-83direct
2008-07-10Vicente Herrera CoboES20 USDSPI
2008-06-12David Garabana BarroES20 USDSPI
2008-06-07Jeff MoeUS256 USDSPI
2008-06-06Michael P StorkeUS50 USDSPI
2008-06-04Greg P KochanskiUK25 USDSPI
2008-05-04Pavel RoskinUS50 USDSPI
2008-04-28Michael BueschDE1 Proxim 8470-WD PC-Card, 1 Allnet ALL0281 PCI carddirect
2008-04-10donor logo: bubakov bubakov.netCZ6786.84 EURFFIS
2008-04-11Diego OngaroUSAAtheros AR5BXB63 MiniPCI express carddirect
2008-04-07donor logo: saxnet SaxnetDE3 WRAP1 boards, 6 MiniPCI cards (3 Ubiquity SR2, 2 Sparklan WMIA-123AG, 1 Senao NMP-6802 Plus)direct
2008-04-04donor logo: minipcibiz minipci.bizDE3 AR9160 MiniPCI cardsSPI
2008-04-03Mikael Fridrik HunfjordDK10 USDSPI
2008-02-07Andrew CathrowUSA200 USDSPI
2008-02-09AnonymousCH30 USDSPI
2007-07-30donor logo: thiemann Thiemann ComputerDEC2T KVM breakout cable for IBM XServer 335direct
2007-07-25Dennis SchwanDEAtheros AR5BXB63 MiniPCI express carddirect
2007-05-11donor logo: minipcibiz minipci.bizDEAR5008 PCI and AR5008 MiniPCI card, desktop antenna, pigtailsdirect
2007-04-11donor logo: indranet IndraNet Technologies LtdNZMinstrel rate control modulen/a
2007-03-12Rusty MellingerUSAMiniPCI card with AR5211direct
2007-03-01Krzysztof WilczynskiPLIBM XServer 335 Model 8687direct
2007-02-13donor logo: compex Compex Systems Pte LtdSG4 Compex WLM54AG MiniPCI cardsdirect
2006-06-30donor logo: voyage VoyageHKSenao NMP-8602 Plus MiniPCI card, antennas, pigtailsdirect
2006-06-20donor logo: suzo SuzoSKWistron DCMA-81 MiniPCI carddirect
2006-04-18Will HerrickUSAPicked up and shipped Netgate's server to Germanydirect
2006-04-18donor logo: netgate NetgateUSAIntel ISP1100 serverdirect
2006-01-25donor logo: compex Compex Systems Pte LtdSG3 Compex MiniPCI cardsdirect
2005-10-20donor logo: linuxconsulting domain and DNS administrationn/a
2005-10-20donor logo: tgc true global communications GmbHDEServer housing and bandwidth for webservern/a

How can I donate to the MadWifi project?

If you would like to be added to our list of generous donors and earn the gratitude of the open source community please refer to Donations/HowToDonate.