Please note: This project is no longer active. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.
If you´re looking for a Linux driver for your Atheros WLAN device, you should continue here .

Getting write access to the repository

Get used to MadWifi

With currently more than 40000 lines of code it can be a bit hard to find your way into the source. In addition there isn't much documentation (apart from the helpful in-source comments) to ease that task - we work on it, promised!

The best way to start contributing to MadWifi is by writing patches and submit them. All such contributions will be checked by several people before they are actually committed to the repository, a procedure which ensures that things don't get broken by accident. At the same time you can learn how things work, get used to the coding style and so on. Other developers, in return, can guide you through any problem if that is necessary. And, last but not least, we learn about your ability to produce working code ;-)

After some time you might be asked if you want to become a "full" developer - with direct write access to the Subversion repository and developer account for Trac. This enables you to commit your changes directly to the repository, so you don't need to go through all the code review procedures anymore.
However, if you feel confident that you're ready for write access, but nobody asked you so far, feel free to request write access via the madwifi-devel mailing list. It might well be that we've just missed to ask you by now.

Requesting your account

Once you've been approved (see above) you need to decide about a username and password for your account. These credentials will allow write access to the Subversion repository. In addition it grants you with extended permissions for Trac to:

  • have tickets assigned to you (or assign them to yourself), modify ticket properties, close tickets
  • create, modify and delete milestones
  • create, modify and delete reports

and some other goodies.

Important: Currently there is now way for users to change their password themselves (that's work in progress). Please don't reuse a password that is already used elsewhere - you have been warned!

The next step is to send username and password encrypted (see below) to Unencrypted mails in this context will be silently ignored!

Usually your account will be created within 72 hours (otherwise you should ping me).

No problem, I have GnuPG running

My key ID is 62C29B94, the fingerprint is:

BC2E 79BF 0C8F 0282 864B 9CEC 8343 5169 62C2 9B94

Sorry, no GnuPG available here!

In this case you should use this webinterface, which will send an encrypted mail to another of my accounts,

Unfortunately the webinterface is in german language, so here's a short translation:

AbsenderYour e-mail address
BetreffSubject of the generated mail, for example Madwifi: account for <your name>
NachrichtThe body of the mail, write your username and the password here
Verschl├╝sselnPress that button once you're done with your mail. You will then see the encrypted text.
VersendenPress that button to actually send the encrypted mail.

If you need help with this webinterface, feel free to ask.

Things to do next

When you get a notice about successful creation of your account, you should log in to Trac with your username and password. Then head over to the settings and enter your real name (or, if you prefer, your nickname) and a valid and working e-mail address there. This is important, otherwise it is not possible to assign tickets to you.

Now please visit the TeamMembers page and add your information there (at least your full name and your username), so that people know who you are.

For your consideration: the ticket system knows a "default ownership" for components. The owner of a component will automatically be assigned for any new ticket that is filed for this component. If you like to take over ownership for an existing (or new) component, let us know.

If not done yet it would be a good idea to become used to the ticket system. An introduction is available on TracTickets.