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    110110Expected results : Logs on node C should show no data between t0 and t0 + Channel Availability Check Time. Moreover, the operating channel should be changed to another one. 
     112==== In-Service Monitoring / Channel Shutdown / Non-Occupancy period ==== 
     114In this test, one radar event is generated after Channel Availability Check Time, at time t0. We check that nothing is transmitted during the Channel Availability Check period. Steps: 
     116 * Start node C on channel 100 
     118wlanconfig mon0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor 
     119iwconfig mon0 channel 100 
     120ifconfig mon0 up 
     122 * Start node A on channel 100 at time t0 
     124wlanconfig wlan0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode adhoc 
     125iwconfig wlan0 channel 100 essid test 
     126ifconfig wlan0 up 
     127sleep 100 
     128iwpriv wlan0 doth_radar 
     131 * Stop node A and node C at time t0 + Non-Occupancy period + 60 s 
     133ifconfig mon0 down 
     134ifconfig wlan0 down 
     137Expected results : Logs on node C should be used to measured Channel Move Time and Channel Closing Transmission Time. Channel Move Time is defined as the last time data was transmitted (ie, when the device switch to another channel). Channel Closing Transmission Time is defined as the aggregated transmission time during Channel Move Time. Those values needs to be within the limit defined in standards (see below : Parameters). Moreover, after Channel Move Time, no data show be transmitted. 
    112139== Software 802.11h compliance ==