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NOTE: This list comes directly from the defines in the ath5k driver. It is used for various debugging and reverse engineering tools and conversion scripts as well as for public reference. Please add any information you have about these registers and add them if you find out the meaning of new registers! Take care, however that you don't violate any NDAs and don't include information from illegal sources!

  • ADDRESS: is the register address
  • NAME: is the name of the #define as used in the current ath5k/regs.h
  • CHIPS: is a comma separated list of chipsets this information applies to. if empty it means "all" chipsets, 5212+ means for 5212 upwards
  • NOTES: Notes about the usage of this register
0x0000 AR5K_NOQCU_TXDP0 5210 Queue 0 - data
0x0004 AR5K_NOQCU_TXDP1 5210 Queue 1 - beacons
0x0008 AR5K_CR Mac Control Register
0x000c AR5K_RXDP RX Descriptor Pointer register
0x0014 AR5K_CFG Configuration and status register
0x0024 AR5K_IER Interrupt enable register
0x0028 AR5K_BCR 5210 Beacon Control Register
0x0028 AR5K_RTSD0 5211 first RTS duration register
0x002c AR5K_BSR 5210 Beacon status register
0x002c AR5K_RTSD1 5211 Second RTS duration register
0x0030 AR5K_TXCFG Transmit configuration register
0x0034 AR5K_RXCFG Receive configuration register
0x0038 AR5K_RXJLA 5211 ? Receive jumbo descriptor last address register
0x0040 AR5K_MIBC MIB control register
0x0044 AR5K_TOPS Timeout prescale register
0x0048 AR5K_RXNOFRM Receive timeout register (no frame received)
0x004c AR5K_TXNOFRM Transmit timeout register (no frame sent)
0x0050 AR5K_RPGTO Receive frame gap timeout register
0x0054 AR5K_RFCNT Receive frame count limit register
0x0058 AR5K_MISC Misc settings register
0x005c AR5K_QCUDCU_CLKGT 5311 QCU/DCU clock gating register
0x001c AR5K_ISR 5210 Interrupt Status Registers
0x0080 AR5K_PISR 5211+ Primary Interrupt Status Register
0x0084 AR5K_SISR0 5211+ Secondary Interrupt Status Register
0x0088 AR5K_SISR1 5211+ Secondary Interrupt Status Register
0x008c AR5K_SISR2 5211+ Secondary Interrupt Status Register
0x0090 AR5K_SISR3 5211+ Secondary Interrupt Status Register
0x0094 AR5K_SISR4 5211+ Secondary Interrupt Status Register
0x00c0 AR5K_RAC_PISR 5211+ Read and clear PISR
0x00c4 AR5K_RAC_SISR0 5211+ Read and clear SISR0
0x00c8 AR5K_RAC_SISR1 5211+ Read and clear SISR1
0x00cc AR5K_RAC_SISR2 5211+ Read and clear SISR2
0x00d0 AR5K_RAC_SISR3 5211+ Read and clear SISR3
0x00d4 AR5K_RAC_SISR4 5211+ Read and clear SISR4
0x0020 AR5K_IMR 5210 Interrupt Mask Registers
0x00a0 AR5K_PIMR 5211+ Interrupt Mask Registers
0x00a4 AR5K_SIMR0 5211+ Secondary interrupt mask registers
0x00a8 AR5K_SIMR1 5211+ Secondary interrupt mask registers
0x00ac AR5K_SIMR2 5211+ Secondary interrupt mask registers
0x00b0 AR5K_SIMR3 5211+ Secondary interrupt mask registers
0x00b4 AR5K_SIMR4 5211+ Secondary interrupt mask registers
0x0400 AR5K_DCM_ADDR 5212+ ? Decompression mask address
0x0404 AR5K_DCM_DATA 5212+ ? Decompression mask data
0x0420 AR5K_DCCFG 5212+ Decompression configuration registers
0x0600 AR5K_CCFG 5212+ Decompression configuration registers
0x0604 AR5K_CCFG_CUP 5212+ Decompression configuration registers
0x0610 AR5K_CPC0 5212+ Compression performance counter 0
0x0614 AR5K_CPC1 5212+ Compression performance counter 1
0x0618 AR5K_CPC2 5212+ Compression performance counter 2
0x061c AR5K_CPC3 5212+ Compression performance counter 3
0x0620 AR5K_CPCORN 5212+ ? Compression performance overrun
0x0800-0x082c AR5K_QUEUE_TXDP 5211+ QCU TXDP (RANGE)
0x0840 AR5K_QCU_TXE 5211+ QCU Transmit enable register
0x0880 AR5K_QCU_TXD 5211+ QCU Transmit disable register
0x08c0-0x08ec AR5K_QUEUE_CBRCFG 5211+ QCU Constant Bit Rate configuration registers (RANGE)
0x0900-0x092c AR5K_QUEUE_RDYTIMECFG 5211+ QCU Ready time configuration registers (RANGE)
0x0940 AR5K_QCU_ONESHOTARM_SET 5211+ ? QCU one shot arm set registers
0x0980 AR5K_QCU_ONESHOTARM_CLEAR 5211+ QCU one shot arm clear registers
0x09c0-0x09ec AR5K_QUEUE_MISC 5211+ QCU misc registers (RANGE)
0x0a00-0x0a2c AR5K_QUEUE_STATUS 5211+ QCU status registers (RANGE)
0x0a40 AR5K_QCU_RDYTIMESHDN 5211+ QCU ready time shutdown register
0x0b00 AR5K_QCU_CBB_SELECT 5212+ QCU compression buffer base registers
0x0b04 AR5K_QCU_CBB_ADDR 5212+ QCU compression buffer base registers
0x0b08 AR5K_QCU_CBCFG 5212+ QCU compression buffer configuration register
0x1000-0x102c AR5K_QUEUE_QCUMASK 5211+ DCU QCU mask registers (RANGE)
0x1040-0x106c AR5K_QUEUE_DFS_LOCAL_IFS 5211+ DCU local Inter Frame Space settings register (RANGE)
0x1080-0x10ac AR5K_QUEUE_DFS_RETRY_LIMIT 5211+ DCU retry limit registers (RANGE)
0x10c0-0x10ec AR5K_QUEUE_DFS_CHANNEL_TIME 5211+ DCU channel time registers (RANGE)
0x1100-0x112c AR5K_QUEUE_DFS_MISC 5211+ DCU misc registers (RANGE)
0x1140-0x116c AR5K_QUEUE_DFS_SEQNUM 5211+ DCU frame sequence number registers (RANGE)
0x1030 AR5K_DCU_GBL_IFS_SIFS 5211+ DCU global IFS SIFS registers
0x1070 AR5K_DCU_GBL_IFS_SLOT 5211+ DCU global IFS slot interval registers
0x10b0 AR5K_DCU_GBL_IFS_EIFS 5211+ DCU global IFS EIFS registers
0x10f0 AR5K_DCU_GBL_IFS_MISC 5211+ DCU global IFS misc registers
0x1230 AR5K_DCU_FP 5211+ DCU frame prefetch control register
0x1270 AR5K_DCU_TXP 5211+ DCU transmit pause control/status register
0x1038 AR5K_DCU_TX_FILTER 5211+ DCU transmit filter register
0x143c AR5K_DCU_TX_FILTER_CLR 5211+ DCU clear transmit filter register
0x147c AR5K_DCU_TX_FILTER_SET 5211+ DCU set transmit filter register
0x4000 AR5K_RESET_CTL Reset control register
0x4004 AR5K_SLEEP_CTL Sleep control register
0x4008 AR5K_INTPEND Interrupt pending register
0x400c AR5K_SFR Sleep force register
0x4010 AR5K_PCICFG PCI configuration register
0x4014 AR5K_GPIOCR General Purpose Input/Output" (GPIO) control register
0x4018 AR5K_GPIODO "General Purpose Input/Output" (GPIO) data output register
0x401c AR5K_GPIODI "General Purpose Input/Output" (GPIO) data input register
0x4020 AR5K_SREV Silicon revision register
0x6000 AR5K_EEPROM_BASE EEPROM base address
0x6004 AR5K_EEPROM_DATA_5211 5211+ EEPROM data register
0x6800 AR5K_EEPROM_DATA_5210 5210 EEPROM data register
0x6008 AR5K_EEPROM_CMD EEPROM command register
0x6c00 AR5K_EEPROM_STAT_5210 5210 EEPROM status register
0x600c AR5K_EEPROM_STAT_5211 5211+ EEPROM status register
0x6010 AR5K_EEPROM_CFG ? EEPROM config register
0x8000 AR5K_STA_ID0 First station id register (MAC address in lower 32 bits)
0x8004 AR5K_STA_ID1 Second station id register (MAC address in upper 16 bits)
0x8008 AR5K_BSS_ID0 First BSSID register (MAC address, lower 32bits)
0x800c AR5K_BSS_ID1 Second BSSID register (MAC address in upper 16 bits)
0x8010 AR5K_SLOT_TIME Backoff slot time register
0x8014 AR5K_TIME_OUT ACK/CTS timeout register
0x8018 AR5K_RSSI_THR RSSI threshold register
0x801c AR5K_NODCU_RETRY_LMT 5210 Retry limit register for 5210 (no QCU/DCU so it's done in PCU)
0x8020 AR5K_USEC_5210 5210 Transmit latency register
0x801c AR5K_USEC_5211 5211+ Transmit latency register
0x8024 AR5K_BEACON_5210 5210 PCU beacon control register
0x8020 AR5K_BEACON_5211 5211+ PCU beacon control register
0x8028 AR5K_CFP_PERIOD_5210 5210 CFP period register
0x8024 AR5K_CFP_PERIOD_5211 5211+ CFP period register
0x802c AR5K_TIMER0_5210 5210 Next beacon time register
0x8028 AR5K_TIMER0_5211 5211+ Next beacon time register
0x8030 AR5K_TIMER1_5210 5210 Next DMA beacon alert register
0x802c AR5K_TIMER1_5211 5211+ Next DMA beacon alert register
0x8034 AR5K_TIMER2_5210 5210 Next software beacon alert register
0x8030 AR5K_TIMER2_5211 5211+ Next software beacon alert register
0x8038 AR5K_TIMER3_5210 5210 Next ATIM window time register
0x8034 AR5K_TIMER3_5211 5211+ Next ATIM window time register
0x8040 AR5K_IFS0 5210 First inter frame spacing register (IFS)
0x8044 AR5K_IFS1 5210 Second inter frame spacing register (IFS)
0x8048 AR5K_CFP_DUR_5210 5210 CFP duration register
0x8038 AR5K_CFP_DUR_5211 5211+ CFP duration register
0x804c AR5K_RX_FILTER_5210 5210 Receive filter register
0x803c AR5K_RX_FILTER_5211 5211+ Receive filter register
0x8050 AR5K_MCAST_FILTER0_5210 5210 Multicast filter register (lower 32 bits)
0x8040 AR5K_MCAST_FILTER0_5211 5211+ Multicast filter register (lower 32 bits)
0x8054 AR5K_MCAST_FILTER1_5210 5210 Multicast filter register (higher 16 bits)
0x8044 AR5K_MCAST_FILTER1_5211 5211+ Multicast filter register (higher 16 bits)
0x8058 AR5K_TX_MASK0 5210 Transmit mask register (lower 32 bits)
0x805c AR5K_TX_MASK1 5210 Transmit mask register (higher 16 bits)
0x8060 AR5K_CLR_TMASK 5210 Clear transmit mask
0x8064 AR5K_TRIG_LVL 5210 Trigger level register (before transmission)
0x8068 AR5K_DIAG_SW_5210 5210 PCU control register
0x8048 AR5K_DIAG_SW_5211 5211+ PCU control register
0x806c AR5K_TSF_L32_5210 5210 TSF (clock) register (lower 32 bits)
0x804c AR5K_TSF_L32_5211 5211+ TSF (clock) register (lower 32 bits)
0x8070 AR5K_TSF_U32_5210 5210 TSF (clock) register (higher 32 bits)
0x8050 AR5K_TSF_U32_5211 5211+ TSF (clock) register (higher 32 bits)
0x8080 AR5K_LAST_TSTP Last beacon timestamp register
0x8054 AR5K_ADDAC_TEST 5211+ ADDAC test register
0x8058 AR5K_DEFAULT_ANTENNA 5211+ Default antenna register
0x8084 AR5K_RETRY_CNT 5210 Retry count register
0x8088 AR5K_BACKOFF 5210 Back-off status register
0x808c AR5K_NAV_5210 5210 NAV register (current)
0x8084 AR5K_NAV_5211 5211+ NAV register (current)
0x8090 AR5K_RTS_OK_5210 5210 RTS success register
0x8088 AR5K_RTS_OK_5211 5211+ RTS success register
0x8094 AR5K_RTS_FAIL_5210 5210 RTS failure register
0x808c AR5K_RTS_FAIL_5211 5211+ RTS failure register
0x8098 AR5K_ACK_FAIL_5210 5210 ACK failure register
0x8090 AR5K_ACK_FAIL_5211 5211+ ACK failure register
0x809c AR5K_FCS_FAIL_5210 5210 FCS failure register
0x8094 AR5K_FCS_FAIL_5211 5211+ FCS failure register
0x80a0 AR5K_BEACON_CNT_5210 5210 Beacon count register
0x8098 AR5K_BEACON_CNT_5211 5211+ Beacon count register
0x80c0 AR5K_XRMODE 5212 XR (eXtended Range) mode register
0x80c4 AR5K_XRDELAY 5212 XR delay register
0x80c8 AR5K_XRTIMEOUT 5212 XR timeout register
0x80cc AR5K_XRCHIRP 5212 XR chirp register
0x80d0 AR5K_XRSTOMP 5212 XR stomp register
0x80d4 AR5K_SLEEP0 5212 First enhanced sleep register
0x80d8 AR5K_SLEEP1 5212 Second enhanced sleep register
0x80dc AR5K_SLEEP2 5212 Third enhanced sleep register
0x80e0 AR5K_BSS_IDM0 5212 BSSID mask registers
0x80e4 AR5K_BSS_IDM1 5212 BSSID mask registers
0x80e8 AR5K_TXPC 5212 TX power control (TPC) register
0x80ec AR5K_PROFCNT_TX 5212 Profile count registers
0x80f0 AR5K_PROFCNT_RX 5212 Profile count registers
0x80f4 AR5K_PROFCNT_RXCLR 5212 Profile count registers
0x80f8 AR5K_PROFCNT_CYCLE 5212 Profile count registers
0x8104 AR5K_TSF_PARM 5212 TSF parameter register
0x810c AR5K_PHY_ERR_FIL 5212 PHY error filter register
0x8700-0x877c AR5K_RATE_DUR 5212 Rate duration register
0x9000 AR5K_KEYTABLE_0_5210 5210 Key table (WEP) register
0x8800-0x9800 AR5K_KEYTABLE_0_5211 5211+ Key table (WEP) register
0x9800 AR5K_PHY PHY unknown register
0x9804 AR5K_PHY_TURBO PHY frame control register [5110] /turbo mode register [5111+]
0x9808 AR5K_PHY_AGC PHY agility command register
0x9814 AR5K_PHY_TIMING_3 5112+ PHY timing register
0x9818 AR5K_PHY_CHIP_ID PHY chip revision register
0x981c AR5K_PHY_ACT PHY activation register
0x9858 AR5K_PHY_SIG PHY signal register
0x985c AR5K_PHY_AGCCOARSE PHY coarse agility control register
0x9860 AR5K_PHY_AGCCTL PHY agility control register
0x9864 AR5K_PHY_NF PHY noise floor status register
0x9868 AR5K_PHY_ADCSAT 5110 PHY ADC saturation register
0x9870 AR5K_PHY_SCR 5112+ PHY sleep registers
0x9874 AR5K_PHY_SLMT 5112+ PHY sleep registers
0x9878 AR5K_PHY_SCAL 5112+ PHY sleep registers
0x987c AR5K_PHY_PLL PHY PLL (Phase Locked Loop) control register
0x989c AR5K_RF_BUFFER RF Buffer register
0x98c0 AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_0 RF Buffer register
0x98c4 AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_1 RF Buffer register
0x98cc AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_2 RF Buffer register
0x98d0 AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_3 RF Buffer register
0x98d4 AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_4 RF Buffer register
0x98d8 AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_5 RF Buffer register
0x98dc AR5K_RF_BUFFER_CONTROL_6 RF Buffer register
0x98d4 AR5K_PHY_RFSTG 5210 PHY RF stage register
0x9914 AR5K_PHY_RX_DELAY 5111+ PHY receiver delay register
0x9920 AR5K_PHY_IQ 5111+ PHY timing I(nphase) Q(uadrature) control register
0x9930 AR5K_PHY_PAPD_PROBE 5111+ ? PHY PAPD probe register
0x9934 AR5K_PHY_TXPOWER_RATE1 5112+ PHY TX rate power registers
0x9938 AR5K_PHY_TXPOWER_RATE2 5112+ PHY TX rate power registers
0x993c AR5K_PHY_TXPOWER_RATE_MAX 5112+ PHY TX rate power registers
0xa234 AR5K_PHY_TXPOWER_RATE3 5112+ PHY TX rate power registers
0xa238 AR5K_PHY_TXPOWER_RATE4 5112+ PHY TX rate power registers
0x9804 AR5K_PHY_FRAME_CTL_5210 5210 PHY frame control register
0x9944 AR5K_PHY_FRAME_CTL_5211 5111+ PHY frame control register
0x9954 AR5K_PHY_RADAR 5111+ PHY radar detection register
0x9960 AR5K_PHY_ANT_SWITCH_TABLE_0 5110 PHY antenna switch table registers
0x9964 AR5K_PHY_ANT_SWITCH_TABLE_1 5110 PHY antenna switch table registers
0x99f0 AR5K_PHY_SCLOCK 5112+ PHY clock sleep registers
0x99f4 AR5K_PHY_SDELAY 5112+ PHY clock sleep registers
0x99f8 AR5K_PHY_SPENDING 5112+ PHY clock sleep registers
0x9a00-0x9afc AR5K_RF_GAIN 5110,5111 RF Amplifier Gain table
0x9b00-0x9bfc AR5K_BB_GAIN 5110,5111 BaseBand? Amplifier Gain table
0x9c10 AR5K_PHY_IQRES_CAL_PWR_I 5111+ PHY timing IQ calibration result register: I (Inphase) power value
0x9c14 AR5K_PHY_IQRES_CAL_PWR_Q 5111+ PHY timing IQ calibration result register: Q (Quadrature) power value
0x9c18 AR5K_PHY_IQRES_CAL_CORR 5111+ PHY timing IQ calibration result register: I/Q Correlation
0x9c1c AR5K_PHY_CURRENT_RSSI 5111+ PHY current RSSI register
0xa180-0xa1fc AR5K_PHY_PCDAC_TXPOWER PHY PCDAC TX power table
0xa200 AR5K_PHY_MODE 5111+ PHY mode register
0xa204 AR5K_PHY_CCKTXCTL 5111+ ? PHY CCK transmit control register
0xa20c AR5K_PHY_GAIN_2GHZ 5111+ PHY 2GHz gain register
0x4000-0x5000 (PCI_TIMING) 5212+ PCI Timing (RANGE)