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     1= Hardware supported by MadWifi =  
     3== Introduction ==  
     5This page (and its sub-pages) lists hardware that has been reported to be based on one of Atheros' chipsets. Usually these reports also contain comments on whether the device in question is supported by MadWifi. Please be aware that some of the cards reported as "not working" will probably work fine now with the current MadWifi.  
     7At this time '''MadWifi does not support any USB devices'''. It's unlikely that MadWifi itself will be extended for USB support, as the USB devices have a largely different architecture. Background information on that can be found in [ticket:33 ticket #33].  
     9== Other sources of information ==  
     11Lists with hardware that is based on Atheros chipsets can be found [ here], [ here] and [ here]. If you're looking for a more general list of available WLAN devices, check [ this page].  
     13[ Wikipedia] has [ a nice list] of commonly used coaxial connector types.  
     15== Adding a new entry ==  
     17If you want to add entries, feel free, but please follow the general format of the other entries, and add something to the summary box.  
     19Contributing new entries and commenting existing ones will be made easier in the future. We plan to switch to a database-driven application, backed up with a plugin for Trac that provides a nice user interface. But that will most probably take a few more weeks...  
     22== Known devices, sorted by vendor ==