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    33= Unex = 
    5 == DCMA-86P2, industrial grade, high power 5.86~5.92GHz wifi mini-PCI module for 802.11p/DSRC application == 
    7 ||Chipset:||Atheros AR5414A-B2B (Industrial grade)|| 
    8 ||URL:||[]|| 
    9 ||Interface:||miniPCI Type IIIA|| 
    10 ||Antenna Connector:||1 x MMCX connector|| 
    11 ||Notes:||1. Dedicated temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) ensures frequency deviation within ± 10ppm in –40ºC ~ +80ºC temperature range. [[BR]] 2. Real industrial-grade chipset and components used plus unique design know-how and production calibration reach power control accuracy from 2.5dBm ~ 24dBm in –40°C ~ +80°C temperature range. [[BR]] 3. Dedicated high rejection Rx filter operates in 5.86-5.92 GHz frequencies to increase alternate adjacent channel rejection (ACR) to maximize the throughput and meet ASTM E2213.03 Clause 8.10.2. [[BR]] 4. RF ESD and Surge protection up to 14KV ensure highest levels of performance and reliability in the harshest outdoor vehicular deployments. [[BR]] 5. Average power up to 251mW (24dBm) meets DRSC Class C output requirement and provides superior wifi coverage. [[BR]] 6. PA fine-tuning gains balance of linearity and power consumption with enough margins while maintaining adequate Tx power to ensure no major performance degradation over time.  
    12 || 
    146== DCMA-86, Industrial-grade, high-power 802.11a wifi mini-PCI module w/ESD and Surge Protection ==