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    4848||Notes:||Expected availability: November 2005. Variable Transmit Output Avg 802.11a 20 dBm,802.11g 23 dBm 802.11b 26 dBm all +/- 2dBm. Card has been tested and operates correctly on Madwifi. A problem exists with WRAP boards which do not correctly detect the card on a cold boot. After a reboot the card works properly. WRAP boards with firmware 1.11 or newer cold boot properly and do not have this problem. [[BR]] ticket:665 suggests these cards may be limited to 19dBm. [[BR]] On ALIX boards;  Card may smoke...from the ALIX2/3 manual; "Senao NMP-8602 PLUS high power radio cards are not supported at this time, pending an answer from Senao on power issues." [[BR]] '''Please note''': If you experience trouble with these cards in certain (especially embedded) boards, this could be due to power issues. This can not be fixed by the driver. See also #1780.||  
     50E-Mail PC Engines in regards to the ALIX / Senao EMP Problem, they have a fix!