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Supports:IEEE 802.11a 802.11b
Antenna Connector:None
Device Information:168c:0012
Notes:Works well.


Antenna Connector:1 x SMT Ultra-miniature coaxial connectors - Internal factory test connector.
Device Information:WAG511v1 prism(?), WAG511v2 Atheros
Notes:Works well. Needs to be upgraded to the 4.0 firmware to use as an WPA-EAP-TLS access point.


Chipset:AR5212 (a/b/g)
Antenna Connector:external antenna with a long cable which cannot be detached from the card. Internally, is a mini-PCI card with a mini-PCI->PCI adapter (FCC ID: PY3WAG311).
Device Information:168c:0013 (rev 1)
Notes:Tested only with old madwifi driver, works fine


Chipset:AR5212 (b/g)
Interface:Mini PCI in PCI carrier. (Can be removed).
Antenna Connector:RP-SMA.
Device Information:168c:0013 (rev 01)
Notes:Rev 01 works fine with Madwifi(ng?) under Ubuntu 7.04 with NetworkManager.
Rev 02 has a TI chip, and is not compatible (Device Information : 104c:9066, Work with ndiswrapper).
Rev 03 has a Marvell Chip, and is also not compatible (Device Information : 11ab:1faa (rev 03), Work with ndiswrapper)


Chipset:AR5002G (b/g) (AR5212)
Antenna Connector:RP-SMA
Device Information:0x168c:0013
Notes802.11g works well.
Tested in AP mode with version 0.9.1- works well in 802.11g and 802.11b modes, M$ windows station with WG511T reports 108,0 Mb/s (ap must have turbo mode set on) - but this is not confirmed by speed tests.
From "Super G only works in wireless channel 6."
802.11b mode can not be set explicitly, supported modes are; mode 0 - auto b/g, and mode 3 - g only.
Seems to have some IRQ? issues with a Asus motherboard P5BW-LA


Chipset:AR5001 (V1&V2=5212) (V3=5213A) (b/g)
Antenna Connector:Internal factory test connector : Hirose MS-156
Device Information:0x0271:0012
Notes:It seems max. bit rate is 54Mbit/sec. Same link-quality problem as WG511U.
Notes: Works great in probs for testing is fast


Chipset:AR5004X (a/b/g)
Antenna Connector:No external connector.
Device Information:0x168c:0013
Notes:Works well. WPA/WPA2 works perfectly with wpa_supplicant. Seems to have a lower link quality than when running on Windows (lower signal level, e.g. from 20/94 on iwconfig to 70% on Windows under identical conditions).


Chipset:maybe the AR5004G (confirmed) (11b/11g/turboG)
Antenna Connector:antenna given with hardware
Device Information:0x168c:0013
Notes:Working well in ad-hoc mode, need more test for other mode
Working well in managed mode with WPA2 (wpa_supplicant).
Working well in "Master" mode.
Mine's an AR5212.
To use WEP authentication (registered) you need to set
iwpriv ath0 authmode 2
as well as
iwconfig key HEXKEY key registered
Notes:Also known as WPN311GE if you are in Australia as far as I know and the one I have got is labelled "Made in China". AR5212 with id: 168c:0013
Notes: Working fine with MadWiFi SVN 20080104 under Ubuntu server 7.10. Running in master mode without any problems. The motherboard ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 need to upgrade the BIOS. There was an error "cannot reserve PCI memory region"
Notes: PCI ID 168c:0013 (rev 01) shows in my dmesg as AR5212. working well in managed mode with WPA2.


Chipset:AR5005GS (b/g)
Antenna Connector:N/A
Device Information:168c:0013 (rev 01), 1385:5D00 (rev 02, range max)
Notes:It is sometime referenced as WPN511FS (on the box) - same card! Works great with Slackware 10.2 (WEP and WPA-PSK). I use the driver for station mode connecting to an accesspoint (Siemens Gigaset SX541 WLAN dsl). The machine is a laptop (Acer 1362LC); maybe helpful for others working with this laptop and the CardbusCard? WPN511. Thanks to E. Hameleers for his slackware-packages and scripts. And, of course, thanks to the developers of Madwifi. Working in SUSE 10.1 too. And Fedora Core 5 (with livna repository). This card is also working with Gentoo on a ACER TM2480 laptop. Thanks.
Notes:Works on Slackware 11.0 Kernel, testet with hostapd and wpa_supplicant (Laptop Toshiba Tecra 8000)
Notes:Works well on Mandriva 2007.1 and Ubuntu 7.04
Notes:Model variant WPN511NA appears identical; installed on Gentoo via ebuild madwifi-ng-; so far so good on ThinkPad? T30
Notes:Works well on xubuntu 6.06LTS and 7.04
Notes:Works out of the box on Ubuntu 7.10 x86-32
Notes:Works out of the box with Backtrack 2 Final and Backtrack 3 Beta