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    6262||Notes:||Manually compiled the 0.9.1 driver in Gentoo Linux using the newbie instructions and '''works perfectly'''. Also in Gentoo the madwifi-ng ebuild (which is dated Feb 2006) works perfectly. Unable to get the card working in the current 16/07/2006 Knoppix distro; the card was able to scan for networks and showed networks, but I was unable to connect to any of them. This is more likely to be a problem with me than Knoppix so give it a go if you have this card. (anonymous contribution:) Works out of the box in Ubuntu 7.04 Beta, though signal strength is reported to be lower by the nm-applet. Personally I've been unable to feel any difference performance-wise.|| 
    64 || have had good results in SUSE 10.2 || 
     64|| SUSE 10.2 || compiled from source, and use knet to pic networks , need to run "modprobe ath_pci" somtimes after updates , seems as if it should also be fime in AP mode, but waiting for another pair... 
    6666=== GN-WPEAG ===