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    5656||Notes: || Several tickets indicate this; no response was ever given.  However, [ some users] have reported success, but could not confirm this.|| 
    5757||Notes: || Works perfectly on Slackware 11 (kernel and madwifi 0.9.2. Just modprobe ath_pci after compiling/installing. (this on an Acer 3102 wlmi) || 
     58||Notes: || For Kernel use trunk version (madwifi release doesn't compile): svn checkout madwifi . That works perfectly (I'm running Slackware 12 on Acer 3102wlmi). 
    5859||Notes: || I can confirm that this chipset works great with the madwifi-ng drivers on Debian Testing. Also monitor mode.|| 
    5960||Notes: || chipset is AR1423, as you can see through URL||