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    284284||Notes:||Works with ath9k driver in 2.6.27, but performance is sub-standard (on Fujitsu u820). Injection does not work. Monitor mode is easily enabled, but sensitivity is low, sees one AP in a location where IPW3945 w/IPWRAW driver (in a Lenovo r61) seems 25+. 
    285285||Notes:||Works on ubuntu 8.10 as a driver in linux kernel 2.6.27, but de-associate within minutes and can't connect any access points anymore. Have to rmmod and then modprobe to make it work, but most of the time creates a kernel panic when modprobing ... Sensitivity normal. What's more it seems partially fixed with todays release ! (december 27th 2008)|| 
     286||Notes:|| works fine with compat-wireless-2009-01-30 release (ath9k) drivers, but low sensitivity compared to my AR5005GS and IPW3945, where I used to have a 5/5 and 4/5 link I now have 2/5 link...