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ALL0281 Wireless 54/108Mbit PCI Adapter

Chipset:AR5213 (802.11a/b/g/turbo)
Antenna Connector:Reverse SMA
Device Information:168c:0013
Notes:Despite chipset capabilities above, my card doesn't seem to do 802.11a.
Allnet only market this card as 802.11b / 802.11g 54/108Mbit.
Seems to enter turbo mode mode, but I don't have another "turbo" card to test with.
Works good with madwifi r1443-20060207 and a couple of VAPs in Master mode - ath0 bridged with eth0, ath1 routed.
Currently this card is sold as ALL0281A, having the same technical features as written above but looking slightly different to the picture on the Allnet home page.