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Ticket #937 (new task)

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[RFC] Maintain "MadWifi Users Guide" in our Wiki

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#613 already mentions this idea, but I feel it's worth to file this as its own ticket now.

The current users guide is a good start, but hasn't been updated much since quite some time. I feel that many MadWiffi? users didn't yet noticed that this guide exists at all. In addition, we have a lot of useful information in our wiki that would be nice to have in the users guide.

While tossing some ideas back and forth during the last days, I remembered the idea of maintaining the guide as part of this wiki. This had several advantages over the current approach:

  • I think that our website (the part that is driven by Trac) currently is the place where most people start seeking useful information, so integrating as much of the information we provide as possible here seems like a good idea to me.
  • It's easier to access it.
  • It's easier for potential contributors to add useful information, since they don't need write access to the repository and don't need to bother with creating a proper patch.

Without having looked at it closely, the CombineWikiPlugin looks like a good way to provide the guide in PDF format for distribution along with the driver or stand-alone for offline access.

In addition, I feel we need a better documentation for the driver. It would improve the user's experience, could provide a set of configuration examples which at the same time document the feature-richness of MadWifi, and would ideally provide much of the useful information we already have on our website in a more consistent way. This, however, would require the revival of the "documentation team" idea, since that is much more than a single person (me or anyone else) can stem alone.

The purpose of this ticket is to gather an impression of what others think of the idea. However, discussion should be technical here, dealing with how this could be implemented. At the same time it's adding another item on my to-do-list. Once it turns out that the idea has some supporters and that the technical questions can be solved somehow, I'd like to move the discussion to one of our mailing lists, hoping that we can gather some people volunteering (again?) for the documentations team.

Comments welcome.

Change History

10/06/06 22:21:49 changed by mrenzmann

Plugins that might come in handy for this task:

  • Combine Wiki Pages: as mentioned above, this plugin could be used to export the current version of the guide as PDF
  • Hierarchy Helper Plugin: could be used to ease navigation within the (most probably) hierarchically organized users guide chapters kept in the wiki
  • Glossary Build Plugin: supports glossary maintainance, including index generation - would be handy for the guide as well as the rest of the site
  • Acronyms Plugin: provides tooltips explanations for previously defined acronyms