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Ticket #883 (new enhancement)

Opened 16 years ago

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Provide list of current MAC ACL entries

Reported by: mrenzmann Assigned to: mrenzmann
Priority: minor Milestone: version 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phase
Component: madwifi: driver Version: trunk
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We allow to add and remove MAC addresses from the access control list of an interface (via iwpriv ath0 {addmac,delmac} ...), but we currently provide no way to check which addresses already are in the list. This should be changed, either by adding yet another iwpriv command or by adding a /proc file. Personally, I'd prefer a /proc file (per interface), because it allows to easily restrict read/write access.

Comments welcome.

Change History

09/21/06 17:17:45 changed by

please take a look at ticket #631 , i did there what i has been able to do according to this topic, it definitely need some polishing, but it works, at least worked last time i patched source, compiled and put it on one of our APs - it works there without problems till now.
ATM i am working on another stuff - wlanconfig improvements/modifications - but if someone will give me hints what to change/improve/add on my ACL patch i will appreciate it