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Ticket #774 (new enhancement)

Opened 16 years ago

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Obfuscate e-mail addresses in tickets et al

Reported by: mrenzmann Assigned to: mrenzmann
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One major disadvantage, at least of the current Trac version we use, is that e-mail addresses are not obfuscated before they are delivered to webbrowsers and other http clients (including spam-bots). On the other hand it's necessary to specify a working e-mail address when filing a new ticket, for example, in order to get notification e-mails when the ticket is modified.

This issue should be fixed, and I currently see different solutions:

  1. Hoping that Trac 0.10 has such an obfuscation feature. This is the first thing that needs to be checked, since we will switch to that version sooner or later anyway. If 0.10 has it, no time needs to be spent on elaborating the other solutions below.
  2. Local modification of the Trac codebase. This would be yet another patch that needs to be maintained, and my experiences in Python might not be enough to get that done easily. On the other hand I'm interested to learn Python, and this might be a good occasion.
  3. Finding an output filter for Apache2 that allows to modify the HTML output via regular expressions before Apache actually sends it to the client.
  4. If such a filter does not exist: write one.

3 and 4 might be interesting since they can be used generally and probably would be useful for other tasks as well. 4 probably would be easier than 2, at least for me, since I already know C and don't know much Python.

I have to look at that right when I come back from vacation.

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