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Radar Detection does not work

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I've tried to verify the radar detection with a signal generator and a CM9 nic. However the ath_hal_radar_event does never ever popup. I've tried all availible hal releases from 0.9.16 to with the same results. It seems the radar detection is disabled somewhere because tha AR5213 chipset of the CM9 does support rardar detection.

The same test with a Proxim AP-4000 was successful thus the radar signal seems to be ok.

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Same result with Cisco AIR-CB21AG-E-K9 PC-Card NIC

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I just got back from a test lab this morning. The PHY chip detected radar perfectly when manipulated directly, but none of the radar related HAL functions seemed to do anything. They were removed in the more recent HAL.

To get interrupted on radar detection I had to:

* enable HAL_INT_RXPHY in the interrupt mask (via HAL) * writes directly to the PHY chip to enable radar (see ar5212reg.h from openhal) * writes directly to the PHY chip to enable radar in the PHY error filter (see ar5212reg.h from openhal)

Once this was done I could immediately receive interrupts after a radar pulse and all the required radar tests were detected. I'm working on a rewrite of the DFS functionality assuming an interrupt is used rather than the deprecated HAL methods so that it will be forward compatible.

I'm curious, however, are you saying that with this other card you were able to get the current HAL to signal radar detection?

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