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Ticket #634 (new enhancement)

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Status of XR

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The wiki say that XR is supported in sta mode only at the moment, I wanted to request that XR be enabled for monitor and ap modes as well. Also, a bit of documentation about how to turn it on would be nice, I can't seem to find info for how to use XR even in STA mode.


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XR implementation depends on support of that functionality inside the HAL, and in addition we need to get more information from Atheros. Our Atheros contact already notified us that the support is planned for the future, but they had no schedule.

Re "how to turn it on": please check the users guide (iwpriv explanation).

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Thank you for your prompt response to my ticket, I appreciate the situation of needing information from atheros and I wait on the edge of my seat.

I would sincerly request that this gets implemented as soon as possible (of course this depends on Atheros more than the madwifi team). The XR technology is a great thing for these already incredible cards and having it not implemented is a disappointment.

05/20/06 08:21:38 changed by mrenzmann

It's unlikely that XR support for APs get included soon. Atheros developers seem to be busy with other projects, and unless there is a need for this feature by their customers it won't get much priority I think. Without further information from Atheros it will be hard for us to add XR improvements to the driver, and, to be frank, there are currently more pressing issues we need to take care of. This does not mean that we don't care of XR - it just does not have a very high priority at this time.

05/20/06 23:46:51 changed by anonymous

Thank you for your detailed response! But is there a way that we can _change_ the priority of this project?

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Well, to explain a bit more in detail: the first thing that would need to be elaborated is "does the HAL already have complete support for XR in AP-mode?" This answer can only be answered either by Sam or by Atheros. If the support is not there, we need to wait until Atheros gets it in - which will happen sooner or later then, but it's unlikely that we will have any chance of influencing the priority this would have for Atheros.

Given that the HAL is complete in this regard, we would need further explanation from Atheros on implementation details of XR in AP-mode in the driver. This should be easier to achieve, but still would take some time.

Once we reached this point, we (or other volunteers) theoretically could start working on the necessary changes. But unless there are volunteers for this task, we have more pressing issues to take care of (in order to reach the goals for the 1.0.0 release - see Roadmap and the milestones wiki page).

You see there are a lot of ifs and buts, and I fear there's no easy way to push the priority this feature has in our to do list, unless you jump in when the requisites described above are met.

05/22/06 14:00:38 changed by anonymous

thanks, mrenzmann.

I'll write a letter to Atheros and ask them If they _could_ handover all details to get XR running in AP-Mode!

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And what is the status of xr in AP mode?