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document wext compliance

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We should adjust our docs to reflect the additional wext ioctl's committed in r1499.

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Added minimal info to the 802.11i page.

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Having just spent the past 2 days looking at MADWiFi's Wireless Extensions support, I thought I'd chime in.

As of snapshot r1648, MADWiFi partially supports WE version 18:

  • no support for SIOCSIWPMKSA ( WPA2 PMKSA cache operation ); ioctl code not present.
  • only new wireless event used is IWEVGENIE ( generic IE element ); used in lieu of WIEVCUSTOM RSN/WPA IE elements.
  • new SIOCSIWSCAN request params (used for controlling scanning behavior) not used.
  • SIOCSIWAUTH - the following parameters are not supported and return the errno EOPNOTSUPP ( see ticket #566 for details ):
    • IW_AUTH_80211_AUTH_ALG - sets the authentication algorithm ( Open | Shared | LEAP ).
    • IW_AUTH_RX_UNENCRYPTED_EAPOL - allows uncrypted EAPOL messages if pairwise keys are set and WPA is not enabled.
  • SIOCGIWRANGE - returns 13 for we_version_source instead of 18 ( Note - I think we_version_source is supposed to return the version of Wireless Extensions supported by the driver itself, whereas we_version_compiled is the version supported by the kernel ).

I've also found that after patching my kernel (2.6.12) with the WE18 patch and rebuilding MADWiFi 0.9.0, wpa_supplicant (0.4.7) won't associate with any access points ( I've tried WPA-PSK and WEP ) if I start it with -Dwext. It works just fine if I start it with -Dmadwifi. I haven't debugged the problem yet.

07/04/06 12:35:22 changed by kelmo

Cool, thanks for the summary.