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VLAN Tagging support

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Priority: minor Milestone: version 1.0.0 - first stable release
Component: madwifi: 802.11 stack Version: trunk
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There is no VLAN Tagging support as of now, is it planned to be impplemented ,VLAN tag is only used to map it to wmme .But the actual VLAN tagging is not used. Is it been planned to be implemented , if yes then when .can any body tell me some pointer how to implement it and where .

Regards Dinesh

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No schedule yet. Patches that implement this feature are welcome, otherwise it will have to wait until some more pressing issues have been fixed.

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An pointers where to start the implementation and how , I can try to do it :).

03/07/06 06:34:59 changed by mrenzmann

Read the source, Luke! ;)

Seriously, you should be able to find the right places to tweak by looking at the source and the in-source comments.

12/21/06 03:43:47 changed by scottr

From mattb:

I started some code to do this, but never got it to a point that I was happy to submit. It works though. See:

07/15/07 19:09:11 changed by s-vincent


I'm a french student of ULP and I made a project during my master in computer science. I modify a the madwifi driver in order to support VLAN with hostapd. In the archive below, you will find the patch for madwifi and hostapd, and a howto (in french sorry!) which describes howto set up madwifi driver and hostapd with VLAN (dynamic VLAN attribution is also supported).

When there are multicast traffics, the driver will forward the packets to all VLAN station member in UNICAST. I have tested just in master mode.

Finaly the archive :

Hope this helps!

07/16/07 09:17:54 changed by mrenzmann

Thanks for letting us know about your project. Does this work only in combination with hostapd?

07/18/07 11:28:01 changed by s-vincent

I have only test with hostapd :(

In fact I have implemented an ioctl() in madwifi : IEEE80211_IOCTL_SET_STA_VLAN It takes a struct ieee80211_vlan_data (see the patch) which contains the mac address of the STA and the VLAN we want to assign. So if there another hostapd-like software, you just have to modify the way it affect the VLAN to the STA (by calling the ioctl).

08/30/07 10:12:58 changed by

no VLAN Tagging support as of now?

01/13/08 16:35:14 changed by Gargantuan

Hi team,

Any chance to integrate this patch into the official release ? This would be extremely helpful ...

09/02/08 10:20:35 changed by wangyue <>

Hi,vincent I find ur patch in, it helped me a lot. Thanks in advance.

Then I read ur patch and have two questions about it. 1. do u realize the filter based vlan? that is, vlan A should not get packages from vlan B. Also, vlan A should not get broadcast packages. 2. In my test, when run "iwpriv ath0 ap_bridge 0" and sta1 in vlan A ping sta2 in vlan B, sta2's wireshark will capture arp broadcast from sta1. So the vlan don't separate different Broadcast Domains from each other.

Thanks, Yours, WY

05/10/10 16:59:39 changed by


I recently tested these patches with Ubiquiti hardware (nanostation 2), and it works really well ! Is there any plan to include it in future releases ?

If anyone is interested, the patches adapted for Ubiquiti SDK.UBNT.v3.5.4499 are here :


Julien Desfossez