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Ticket #324 (new task)

Opened 16 years ago

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Update documentation: iwpriv "roaming" => "hostroaming"

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r1403 changed the name of the name of the private ioctl roaming to hostroaming (and get_roaming to get_hostroaming) in order to work around a bug in iwpriv. Documentation needs to be updated accordingly, especially the users guide.

Change History

01/19/06 16:48:48 changed by mrenzmann

While we are at it: add something about how to change the multicast rate. From Ge0rG @ #madwifi:

<Ge0rG> "iwpriv wlan0 mcast_rate 54000" is the way

That should be added to the users-guide as well as the FAQ and / or documentation.

01/19/06 19:05:05 changed by mrenzmann

users-guide.[tex|pdf] are now updated in r1405. That leaves the wiki and the documentation about setting the multicast rate.