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Ticket #2407 (new defect)

Opened 12 years ago

Madwifi CPE doesnt reply on arp requests

Reported by: DD-WRT Sash Assigned to:
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: madwifi: driver Version: v0.9.4
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[quote="lughino"]Hi there, I informed Tranzeo about that bug and after some tests we found the cause.

Basically the problem occurs only using WPA2 Only Pesonal AES encryption and when Tranzeo (and others) acts as CPE.

Here's an example of configuration:

Tranzeo TR-5a-24w (fw. 5.0.2) CPE mode (point-to-multipoint) Country Italy Licensed (DFS disabled) WPA2 Personal AES encryption (PSK = “password”) Cambria GW2358-4 + Mikrotik R5H (dd-wrt fw. v24-sp2) AP mode (point to multipoint) Country Italy, Channel 100, DFS disabled WPA2 Personal AES encryption (PSK = “password”) Expiration time 60 seconds

After 60 seconds you won’t be able to ping the CPE anymore from the AP side. That’s because the CPE doesn’t reply to the ARP request of the AP.

The developer identified a bug in the madwifi code where the key index in the key information in the EAPOL packet was not included, which made the CPE set the key to the wrong slot. This may be caused by non-specific specifications for WPA, we have to research more. We also have regression to do before this is committed to release firmware.

They are working on it and a new build will be released as soon as possible./quote

i have seen this behavior not only on tranzeo units so it seems to be a general problem.

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