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MADWIFI including svn r4128 won't compile in Linux

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The madwifi driver used to work so well on my Ubuntu laptop's AR5212 chip, Now I can't even get it to compile with current kernels.

I get a "copy_from_user() buffer size is provably not correct" error when I try to compile for Linux I got from (complete with the spelling error!)

I understand that is because of strict copy_from_user checking that is now in effect on the kernel. Am I right in assuming that this points to an existing error in the MADWIFI code?

I just tried it with SVN version r4128.

I was able to compile MADWIFI to Linux version however.

Change History

06/21/10 14:24:15 changed by Jacki


I have changed line 1939 from: if (copy_from_user(s, wri->pointer, wri->length)) to: if (copy_from_user(s, wri->pointer, sizeof(s)))

It seems to work on