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DWA-547 (AR5416), comuter is freeze after some time

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DWA-547 (AR5416, madwifi from trunk last.

  1. wlanconfig ath0 destroy = OK
  2. wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor = OK

now my card in monitor mode, its seems OK, airodum work good, but after some time (5-10mins), my computer is slow down and FREZE, in dmesg i see somethink like that "ath_fatal_tasklet" "ath_rxorn_tasklet" and FIFO overrun.

I'll try all madwifi versions, and no ideas....


syslog (71.3 kB) - added by on 03/13/10 08:19:46.
syslog2 (198.2 kB) - added by on 03/13/10 08:23:52.
syslog part 2 FIFO OVERRUN

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Please provide a dump of the actual messages you get. Guessing and "something like" is not very helpful.

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syslog part 2 FIFO OVERRUN

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anybody can say what the problem? ty