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2x CM9 crash MadWifi in (0.9.4 0.9.4-current ..)

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I have tested 2 CM9 devices together on two different hardware. It crashes on both. Two diffetent Atheros chipsets does not cause this kind of crash.

It often causes ksoftirqd/0 to stuck at 100% CPU load. When ifconfig ath1 down

is typed, ksoftirqd/0 releases CPU and ath0 works without


(Other branches e.g. madwifi-trunk does not work with this configuration.)




2xCM9_crash.jpg (87.1 kB) - added by on 09/19/09 18:39:55.
Crash screen shot.

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Crash screen shot.

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I have tested only one device CM9 and a same problem is observed. It is interesting that it occurs only in master mode and managed mode works without any problem.

And this bug seems too be hardware dependent. It occurs on K6 motherboard and it was not observed on Pentium 2 motherboard, nor on VIA C3 Ester.

May be that it is caused by some kind of PCI timing or whatever I could guess. It would be good to internally monitor master mode by the same way as it works in managed mode.

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After analysing this problem has something to do with unfinished PCI transfers. It is very interesting that MadWiFi in managed mode could recover from unfinished PCI transfer, but MadWiFi in a master mode (AP) silly overload CPU.