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Ticket #2323 (new defect)

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Memory leak ifconfig down / up

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I have an openwrt rev16665 with madwifi r3314. I read the ticket #1682 but I continue with same problem. When I do an ifconfig ath0 down; ifconfig ath0 up, it produces a memory leak, concretely 4KB. With the wifi0 interface it doesn't produce the problem.

I thought that the problem was solved in r3299, r3300, and r3301.

Moreover, I try with r4079 and also has the memory leak.

Where the error is? Can anybody help me?

P.D: Sorry for my poor english.

Change History

08/27/09 13:46:02 changed by David Seira

Why in "ath_node_alloc" the memory alloc is doing with kmalloc and in "ath_node_free" free memory is doing with sc_node_free not kfree?


Regards, David

08/28/09 10:10:23 changed by David Seira

I've observed that the "wlanconfig ath0 destroy" command produces the memory leak, also. So I think that is possible that the new state created in "ieee80211_stop" isn't released properly.

Regards, David