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Ticket #2322 (new defect)

Opened 12 years ago

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AP mode interface hangs when "Multicast pending".

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Component: madwifi: driver Version: trunk
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AP mode interface stops working when sending beacons and there are "Multicast pending".

<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_send: Slot 0 [tsf 101391388 tsftu 99015 intval 100] vap c189a380
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_generate: Updating beacon - mcast pending=1.
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_generate: No need to drain previous CABQ transmit traffic.
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_generate: [dtim=1 mcast=1 cabq=0 nvaps=1 staggered=1]
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_setup: skb=c1adaf00 skb->len=114
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_generate: Checking CABQ - It's DTIM.
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_generate: Multicast pending.  Linking CABQ to avp->av_mcastq.axq_q.
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_generate: Checking CABQ - CABQ being started.
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_send: Invoking ath_hal_stoptxdma with sc_bhalq:9
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_send: Invoking ath_hw_puttxbuf with sc_bhalq: 9 bfaddr: 13cf000
<7>wifi1: ath_beacon_send: Invoking ath_hal_txstart with sc_bhalq: 9
<3>wifi1: ath_fatal_tasklet: Hardware error; resetting.
<7>wifi1: ath_draintxq: Invoking ath_hal_stoptxdma with sc_bhalq:9.

After these messages, the interface stops working. Exactly HOW the pending mcast is triggered I'm yet to find out. It can take everything from a minute of uptime to a few hours and i haven't been able to tell what event that's to blame.

Perhaps this bug is a duplicate of #2320 as I see that the ath_beacon_generate() function does bus_map_single() when the ieee80211_beacon_update reports a changed length. There is however no trace of the map_single error message in the logs.


ath_fatal_tasklet.patch (0.6 kB) - added by proski on 10/16/09 00:52:02.
Proposed fix by Brett Wright

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10/16/09 00:52:02 changed by proski

  • attachment ath_fatal_tasklet.patch added.

Proposed fix by Brett Wright

09/24/10 21:25:37 changed by anonymous

This patch fixed a problem running Ubiquiti XR2 mini-pci on a IXP425 based system. I had kept getting the message to appear after 15+ minutes running:

ath_fatal_tasklet: Hardware error; resetting.

Tracing into the HAL it came from a interrupt status of HAL_INT_FATAL being set because of AR_ISR_HIUERR errors.