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Ticket #2136 (new enhancement)

Opened 13 years ago

Drive HAL in HOSTAP mode for an IBSS VAP

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As discussed on madwifi-devel, here's an enhancement for IBSS mode in large mesh networks. To be careful, this adds the hostap_for_ibss kernel module parameter which defaults to DISBABLED. Because it's not clear whether the madwifi project continues on the OpenWrt/Kamikaze? level or by using current trunk, I provide two different patches for both. Please also include #2128, which otherwise triggers an oops in trunk.

signed-off-by: sven-ola <>

Driving the HAL in IBSS sometimes adapts the TSF and other timing registers from received beacons/probes. If that happens, expected TX interrupts may not occur until next reset. Which triggers the "lost beacon" tasklet. Resulting effectively in not sending packets for minutes. Because that only happens in large mesh networks, this mode needs to be activated by a kernel module parameter: hostap_for_ibss=1. Note that using this mode has side effects. Such as not supressing beacons/probe answers randomly when receiving other node beacons. It's recommended to lower the beacon interval then. When using an IBSS-VAP together with an HOSTAP-VAP, you may also need to re-trigger IBSS beacon generation after creating the HOSTAP-VAP by issueing "iwpriv athX bintval 1000".


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